Why choose Sammamish Montessori?

Shaping bright futures and joyful, courageous, passionate learners for over 45 Years

Rooted in Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori believed in the power of the child’s innate talent and curiosity and stressed the importance of letting them follow their interests. Sammamish Montessori’s curriculum is centered around the core principles set out by Dr. Montessori.

Education for the whole child to support intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.

Multi-age classrooms that provide a collaborative learning environment and promote peer-to-peer learning.

Respect for the child’s capacity to make decisions and be independent.

A prepared environment where everything has a purpose, and a place that guides the development of logical thought processes.

A structure that allows freedom of movement within the classroom and the ability for students to choose and master their work.

An individualized curriculum based on each student’s interests, abilities, and needs.

Explore the SMS Difference

Beyond collective learning

SMS’s personalized student-centered approach nurtures innate curiosity, motivating students to evolve into enthusiastic thinkers, eager learners, and self-assured leaders. Children are empowered to discover and learn at a pace that suits them.

Beyond traditional education

SMS’s meticulously crafted curriculum, rooted in core Montessori principles, nurtures critical thinking and cultivates essential life skills for lifelong success.

Beyond indoor learning

SMS has over 18,000 sq. ft of outdoor playground, excavation, and garden space. Our outdoor environment at SMS is a source of inspiration for children to freely express their creativity and develop a love of learning.

Beyond Montessori

SMS’s unique hybrid program—”Montessori+“—offers a half-day Montessori curriculum as well as a half-day of extended, multi-disciplinary explorations that offer children the time they need to learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Music & Movement) concepts broadly and deeply.

Beyond schoolyear programs

SMS offers convenient summer programs from June to September, flexible Daycare programs (Early birds and After school daycare), and our signature enrichment program in the evenings – “Amazing Adventures”.

Beyond a school

We are a community. SMS embodies inclusivity, and our vibrant community of parents, faculty, and staff, are connected by a shared enthusiasm for learning and we partner together every day, to benefit your child.

SMS has 25+ Montessori Accredited Teachers and 30+ supporting faculty
At 18,000 square feet, our playground is the largest of any Montessori school in Redmond
5 mins
5 minutes drive from WA-520, Redmond Downtown, Microsoft & Amazon offices

Classes & Programs

In multi-age classes spanning two or three years, SMS learners have many opportunities to exercise and grow their collaborative and leadership skills. Older students serve as leaders and mentors, while younger students feel supported and gain confidence.

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Finding the right school for you and your child is a big decision. Take the first step and schedule a tour to see if SMS is the right choice for you.