The Toddler Experience

Where little ones blossom into creative thinkers…

Tiny steps, giant leaps

Toddlers innately possess a curious spirit, drawn to every nuance of their surroundings. Keeping this in mind, our toddler classrooms are thoughtfully curated, filled with engaging sensorial materials that cater to their innate love for organization and “doing it myself”. With our dedicated staff maintaining a 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio, your child will flourish in independence within a comforting environment that mirrors the warmth of home.

For Ages 18 months to 3 years (Not yet toilet trained)

Program runs September to June (10 months)

7:1 student-to-teacher ratio

Three toddler classrooms with a max capacity of 42 students.

Optional morning, evening, and non-school day Daycare programs available.  Learn More

Optional Summer Programs Available.  Learn more

Toddler Curriculum

Seamlessly aligned with the principles of the Montessori curriculum, our educational spaces utilize materials aimed at boosting language skills, fostering independence, and honing both fine and gross motor abilities. The design of our classrooms also facilitates focused, individual and the ability to concentrate.

Practical Life Skills

Our Practical Life Curriculum includes self-care, food preparation, and flower arranging skills. This program cultivates a strong sense of autonomy, introduces basic concepts of grooming, toilet use, nutrition, and kitchen safety, enhances aesthetic appreciation, develops fine motor skills, instills a sense of order, and prepares learners for more advanced tasks as they grow.

Language Materials

Sammamish Montessori School enhances toddler language skills through interactive conversations and shared reading sessions. Trained staff act as ‘Language Materials,’ using music and storytelling to create a rich linguistic environment where language is absorbed naturally, making learning both effective and joyful.

Music & Arts

Toddlers engage in vibrant artistic expression through painting, music, and more. These activities nourish their souls and foster authentic self-expression in a creatively stimulating environment.


Toddler classrooms are sensory-rich environments designed for exploration and independence. Strategic placement of diverse materials, from textured fabrics to musical instruments, fosters cognitive growth and sensory development, allowing children to actively engage with and learn about their world.


At Sammamish Montessori School, toddler educators are themselves dynamic ‘Language Materials,’ fostering children’s linguistic skills through interactive dialogues, shared reading, music, and storytelling. This multifaceted approach creates a linguistically rich environment where language learning is natural and joyful, allowing children to absorb and enjoy the nuances of communication.

The Junior Toddlers, avid explorers that they are, delve into activities that stimulate movement and language acquisition. On the other hand, our Senior Toddlers are natural social butterflies and self-learners; they flourish in activities that promote social interaction and self-discovery.

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