The Montessori+ Hybrid Experience

Dive deeper into extended, multifaceted STEAM explorations

Experience a world of science and discovery

SMS proudly offers Montessori+, a signature hybrid program that seamlessly integrates half-day Montessori learning with an immersive half-day STEAM experience.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Music & Movement.

The underlying principles and practices of our Montessori+ program are interdisciplinary, combining the five pillars of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Music and Movement.  Key to the success of our program is the integration of the four C’s identified as key components in 21st century education:  creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

As with the Montessori curriculum, the Montessori+ program incorporates inquiry-based learning and an adaptable framework to suit student’s interests and needs.  For example, the study of NASA’s mission to Mars evolved into a four-month study of space and our solar system.  By integrating language arts, math, science, technology, art, music, and drama we pivot from one area of interest to another as the students learn, grow, and discover.  Through these strategies we foster a love of learning, perhaps the best gift we can give your child.

Half-day Montessori and Half-day STEAM

Limited capacity of 30 students, Ages 4+

Deep explorations and special projects

Exclusive Field trips and outdoor STEAM workshops

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Montessori+ Curriculum

The Montessori+ program was conceived by Ms. Virginia Ward, inspired by her teaching experiences in Kampala, Uganda 30 years ago. Alongside Mrs. Saee Hamine, an American Montessori Society (AMS) accredited Lead Teacher, who leads the half-day Montessori class, the program has evolved to become a standout success.

Simplifying Science

Children discover science hands-on, exploring seasonal themes and revisiting experiments, fostering curiosity and deepening understanding through repetition.

Tech Time

Exploring technology with simple machines, material choices, iPad research, and Cubetto the robot, nurturing problem-solving and basic coding skills.

Engineering Projects

Blending science, math, and technology through hands-on projects, fostering problem-solving and understanding of physics principles.

Art at SMS

By encouraging students to ask questions, investigate, and analyze findings, SMS fosters skills essential to future academic and professional success.

Moves, Melodies and Explorations

Creativity through instruments, exploratory field trips, outdoor workshops, and theater, fostering cognitive development and confidence in young learners.

A Montessori+ Case Study

The Dino Dig Excavation

The Dino Dig excavation site at SMS, is a remarkable Montessori+ initiative that integrates the wonder of paleontology with the foundational elements of STEAM. Its roots, as shared from Uganda and the passion of Mrs. Virginia Ward, reflect our dedication to creating a hands-on and immersive educational experience for students. The Dino Dig stokes a passion for learning and discovery that is at the heart of everything we do.

The program was recently recognized and featured in Seattle Child’s and ParentMap magazines for its pioneering approach to early education.


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