The Lower Elementary Experience

Preparing courageous, adaptive, inclusive leaders for bold thinking and big challenges

The world of possibilities expands…

Starting school year 2024-25 (September 2024 start), SMS offers programs for Lower Elementary students,  spanning Grades 1–3 (Ages 6-9 years). Your child is now ready for bigger challenges in a multi-age classroom. Small class sizes and two teachers allow for more personalized attention, fostering strong, enduring relationships between educators and students.

For Ages 6 to 9 years, Grades 1-3

Multi-age classrooms provide a collaborative learning environment and promote peer-to peer learning

8:1 student-to-teacher ratio

Enhance Critical Thinking & Time Management skills

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Optional Summer Programs available, mid-June to end of August. Learn more

Lower Elementary Curriculum

Whereas before, your child was interested in ‘things,’ now they will focus on the ‘how?’ and the ‘why.’ Teachers present ideas and introduce materials that allow your child to build academic and critical thinking skills while developing a love of learning.  Children learn time management skills as they complete work independent of constant teacher direction. SMS Lower Elementary students’ natural curiosity is nurtured through gently guided exploration, allowing them to seek answers to their many questions.

Language Materials

Language is central to the Montessori curriculum, serving as a connecting thread through all subject areas.


In Montessori elementary classrooms, students delve into biology through hands-on experimentation and observation of plants and animals, gaining insights into basic needs and classification.

Mathematics & Geometry

Using Montessori materials, students engage with a wide array of mathematical concepts, from basic arithmetic and decimals to measurement, logic problems, and algebra.


In the Montessori approach to history, students start by understanding the passage of time and its impact on geological, geographical, and biological changes.

Geography & Arts

In Montessori education, the study of geography is introduced through an initial lesson on the origins of the Universe. Students then explore various facets of geography, including physical, political, and human aspects.

Physical Education

In Montessori physical education classes, the aim is to help each student reach their individual peak level of fitness.

Throughout the lower elementary levels, concrete Montessori materials are employed to offer clear, deep conceptual understanding, and as students master these concepts, they gradually move toward abstract thinking.


You’ve decided that SMS is right for your child?

Thank you for considering SMS. Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year is now under way. If you haven’t already, we invite you to take the first step in the admissions process and schedule a tour. Once you have toured the SMS campus, you are ready to begin the admissions process. Visit our Admissions page to get started.