The Montessori Primary Experience

Cultivating self-confidence & igniting a passion for confronting & mastering new challenges

Dreams, curiosity, and imagination find their wings

SMS offers Montessori Primary classes where our expert teachers are keen observers who uniquely develop the love of discovery and learning. The teacher enables the child to grow naturally with self motivation and individuality. They recognize all learning styles and are able to accommodate each child with fostering an interest in learning at their own pace and naturally.  Through science, geography,  zoology, botany, social skills, practical skills and academics the child will develop autonomy. This enables a child to grow emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically. We include cultural inclusion and welcome all learning styles into our curriculum.

For Ages 3 to 6 years (potty trained)

Program runs September to June (10 months)

8:1 student-to-teacher ratio

Optional Montessori+ program available, ages 4-6. Learn more

Optional morning, evening, and non-school days Daycare Programs available, ages 3+. Learn More

Optional Summer and Year-round Programs Available, Ages 3+. Learn more

Montessori Primary Curriculum

The beauty of our Montessori Primary classrooms lies in the delicate balance of structure and freedom. Children are empowered to select their own activities, always guided by a trained teacher’s expertise. Hands-on Montessori materials are ingeniously crafted to foster concentration, self-reliance, creativity, and an intrinsic passion for knowledge. While the emphasis on independent learning supports individual growth, equal importance is placed on cultivating vital social skills, ensuring the blossoming of empathy, respect, and effective communication. Each of our nine uniquely designed classrooms welcomes children aged three to six—a three-year age span in alignment with Montessori’s guiding philosophy.

Practical Life Skills

Activities refine small-motor skills and teach students focus, independence, good work habits, and how to follow a sequence. Hands-on materials are curated to provide guidance and and isolate one concept at a time.

Language Materials

Our native-speaking Spanish teacher regularly visits each classroom to provide group lessons. Using songs, stories, puppetry, and a variety of other materials students are exposed to Spanish language and culture.


Activities are presented sequentially using self-correcting materials. Beginning with counting and students expand through addition, subtraction, multiplication division, and memorization to working with decimals.

Socialization and Citizenship

Children learn respect for themselves and one another. As a positive community member, they learn cooperation, friendship, exercises in grace and courtesy, as well as independent problem solving and critical thinking.

Music & Arts

Singing, rhythm, movement, and music appreciation are taught by a specialized Montessori teacher. Starting with the origins and history of music, students learn music concepts, terms, notation, and more.

Botany & Biology

Children use puzzles and matching picture/word cards to learn the parts of flora and fauna. They plant seeds and observe the growth cycle. Sometimes they watch butterflies hatch or examine cross-sections of a beehive.

Every classroom has one or more pets, such as rabbits, stock insects, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, gerbils, fish, hamsters, etc. The children learn responsibility and empathy by taking turns caring for their classroom pet.


You’ve decided that SMS is right for your child?

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