Accredited Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten

Prep and STEAM Programs Offered

The Sammamish Montessori School offers a carefully planned environment that provides a wide variety of learning experiences for preschool and kindergarten children. During these formative years, children learn faster than at any other time of their lives. Early experiences contribute significantly to the structure of the brain and its capacities. The Montessori method of education is designed specifically to work with the natural sensitive periods each child moves through in his/her development. This proven method of education has been helping students attain strong academic, social and emotional skills for more than 100 years (our school specifically since 1977).

Parent Reviews

Thank you everyone for the great memories and taking care of our daughter. This is definitely a great school with such wonderful, attentive, loving, and caring teachers.

Div and Shermin

We could not have asked for a better start to our children’s schooling.  We’ve had two children graduate out of SMS, and can proudly state that they learned a ton, became confident individuals, and have the foundation we hoped for.  We thank SMS for their wonderful staff, nice facility, and awesome curriculum.  We will cherish the memories our kids made there.

Ritu and Hemant Vashisth

I really appreciate the exposure students get to different languages, culture, music, computers, geography, etc.  Our experience has exceeded our expectations.  We’ve been so impressed by the academic growth we’ve seen in both our daughters over the past two years.

Jennifer Goode

Our oldest son attended this school for three years, ending with his kindergarten year. The subjects he learned were incredible. He learned all the continents, states and great bodies of water. He developed a love of science and how things work. He even learned the basics of multiplication, division and fractions. This last year he started first grade at a public school, and he was reading at a third grade level. Amazing school, with passionate, caring teachers and staff.

As posted to

When looking for a school I wanted to make sure [my son’s] specific learning needs were met. I didn’t want him lost in the shuffle! He had the best year and has grown and learned so much this year! His teachers help him get excited about learning. All of his teachers have been fantastic! Above and beyond awesome. [My son] is always thinking of them and talking about things that happened in his classroom.

Carlene Carl

You have all done such an excellent job in hiring teachers who create such a great environment for the kids. Their longevity with the school speaks to that, of course. [Our son] is very sad to be leaving. Clearly his love of school has shown us that the Montessori system is well suited to him. Most of all, we will miss the energy of your school. It was the first thing that struck me when I took a tour back when [our son] was a baby — calm, happy, industrious, loving towards children and welcoming to families.

The Shaw family

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