Summer School 2024

Splash into Summer: Exciting, Engaging, Educational, and Enriching Camp Experiences Await

Summer School Overview

We are offering FOUR tracks of classes this summer: Montessori, STEAM, Discovery camps, and Toddler, all of which are offered in two-week sessions. Students are welcome to attend all summer long or for selected sessions. Limited before or after-school care is available with advanced registeration; unscheduled drop-in care cannot be accommodated.
Toddler and Montessori offered as AM (9:00-12:30PM), PM (12:30-3:15PM) and Full-day classes (9:00-3:15PM). STEAM and Discovery Units are offered Full-Day (9:00-3:15PM) only.

Summer Program Details

Regular School Programs

Session 1 – 5: Jun 17 – Aug 23

Toddlers Montessori Primary SMS STEAM
Ages: 18 mon – 3yrs Ages: 3 – 6 yrs Ages: 4 – 6 yrs

Our Montessori Toddler summer program offers our youngest learners, aged 18 to 36 months, a gentle introduction to a school setting, providing a nurturing space where they can explore and grow. The summer session is a perfect opportunity for toddlers to become acquainted with the rhythms of a classroom, engage with materials designed for their developmental needs, and start forming bonds with teachers and peers. Our experienced Montessori teachers will guide each child through activities that foster independence, coordination, and language skills, all in a relaxed atmosphere that respects the unique pace of every child. This program is ideal for helping toddlers adjust to a new environment and gain confidence as they interact in a group setting. Parents can choose from morning or afternoon sessions, confident in the knowledge that their children are embarking on their educational journey with the best possible foundation. To join, children must be at least 18 months old.

Montessori Primary:
Embark on a summer of discovery with our Montessori Primary program, specially designed for children ages 3 to 6 years. This program invites new students to step into the enriching world of Montessori learning, providing an excellent head start for the upcoming school year. Through a blend of independent exploration and guided activities, children will immerse themselves in an environment that sparks curiosity and fosters academic and social growth.  For our returning students, the summer offers a seamless continuation of their educational journey. They will have the joy of deepening their existing skills, embracing new challenges, and forming new friendships. Under the attentive guidance of our dedicated Montessori teachers, every child will experience the joy of learning in a relaxed setting that feels like a second home.  Whether choosing morning, afternoon, or full-day classes, our program ensures each child enjoys a balanced experience that combines structured learning with ample time for play, creativity, and rest. It’s a perfect way for new students to transition into school life away from home and for returning students to maintain their momentum in a familiar and supportive environment. To participate, children must be 3 years old and potty-trained.

Set sail for a summer of innovation with the SMS STEAM camp, where young minds are ignited through the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! Our STEAM camp invites children to dive into a sea of hands-on activities and interactive projects that bring fundamental STEAM concepts to life.  Watch in wonder as your child harnesses the principles of Sir Isaac Newton to illuminate the marvels of motion and light. Witness their ingenuity blossom as they construct whimsical bots that not only draw but dance to the rhythm of their creators. They’ll dip into the mysteries of surface tension, craft intricate structures with the magic of balance and form and challenge the limits of imagination with LEGO’s STEAM Park.  But it’s not just about gadgets and gears; our campers will also embrace the harmony of art and science. They’ll master the art of creation with eco-friendly materials, learning to engineer masterpieces without the use of adhesives. Movement and music will weave through the days as we dance, play, and even design our own obstacle courses.  The adventure continues as we journey through art, crafting our visions into tangible creations, and delve into experiments that might end with a delightful ‘bang!’ At SMS STEAM camp, every day is a new opportunity to explore, challenge oneself, and experience the sheer joy of discovery. So come aboard and prepare for a summer where fun and learning go hand in hand, propelling your child’s creativity to new heights!

Discovery Camp

Session 1: June 17 – June 28

Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9
Music and Movement Little Bakers Snapology Robotics LEGO
Kidokinetics Hoops and Nets Sports

Music and Dance: 

Step into a world of rhythm and melody with our Music & Dance class, a passport to global creativity and movement. As we globe hop across continents, children will immerse themselves in the vibrant cultures of our world through their enchanting songs and dances. With scarves fluttering, beanbags soaring, and hula hoops swirling, our explorers will navigate the rich tapestry of international music.  This class is a playground of movement, where balance, strength, and flexibility are built to the beat of diverse tunes. Children will enhance their concentration, learn the value of teamwork, and, most importantly, have an unforgettable time. Our musical parade will be adorned with self-made instruments and props, complemented by circle dances and the magic of dressing up, bringing stories to life.  And as we dance around the globe, we’ll savor the taste of international flavors with special snacks. Our Music & Dance class isn’t just about steps and notes; it’s a feast for the senses, a celebration of cultural harmony, and a joyous leap into learning and fun!

Little Bakers
Whisk away into a world of culinary delight with our Little Bakers class, where the science of baking meets hands-on fun! Each day, our mini pastry chefs will don their aprons and chef hats to embark on a tasty adventure, discovering the joys of creating both savory and sweet treats.  From the fluffiest cakes to the butteriest croissants, the crunchiest bread to the heartiest casseroles, our little bakers will learn the art of baking with a dash of fun and a sprinkle of creativity. This class is the perfect mix for children to learn essential baking techniques, understand the importance of precise measurements, and the science that makes baking such a delicious experiment.  As our young chefs stir and mix, they will also develop fine motor skills, practice math through measuring, and boost their confidence by successfully baking their own creations. So, let’s preheat the ovens and get ready for a session filled with the aroma of freshly baked triumphs!

Robotics LEGO
Gear up for an adventure in innovation with our Robotics LEGO Workshop! Aspiring young engineers will delve into the fascinating world of robotics, piecing together their very own mechanical creations. This workshop is the first step into the vast universe of robotic design, where each block, gear, and sensor are the foundation for discovery.  Through the construction of simple yet captivating models, children will unravel the mysteries behind how robots sense and interact with the world. Imagine the thrill of constructing a drill that responds to its environment, or a magic wand that seems to have a life of its own. Each session is a journey through the mechanics of movement, as kids piece together spinning helicopters and playful robotic dogs.  Learning about gears and pulleys isn’t just educational—it’s an engaging hands-on experience that sparks curiosity and hones problem-solving skills. Our Robotics LEGO Workshop is more than just building—it’s about inspiring the next generation of creators, one LEGO at a time.

Hoops & Nets Sports
Dive into a dynamic fusion of athleticism with our Hoops & Nets Sports program! This multi-sport adventure introduces children to the thrill and fundamentals of basketball, soccer, lacrosse, Jai Alai, and hockey. Each sport offers a unique avenue to develop agility, accuracy, flexibility, balance, endurance, coordination, and speed.  Our young athletes will engage in an active learning experience that emphasizes hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular endurance. With each dribble, kick, and swing, they’ll discover the essential techniques required to master these diverse and exciting sports.  The Hoops & Nets Sports program is more than just learning to play; it’s about building a foundation for lifelong fitness and the joy of teamwork. Whether they’re shooting hoops, scoring goals, or hitting a puck, children will develop a love for movement and the confidence to try new challenges. Get ready to cheer them on as they sprint, leap, and score their way through summer!

Session 2: July 1 – July 12

Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9
Creation Station Kitchen Chemistry Snapology Ninja & Superheroes LEGO
Kidokinetics Target Time Sports

Creation Station
Unleash your inner artist at the Creation Station, where imagination knows no bounds and every material is a medium for innovation! This class invites children to embark on a daily voyage through diverse realms of artistry: Fiber and Textiles, Nature Materials, Painting and Printing, Paper Craft, and Clay. Plus, a special Collaboration Station for team projects that sparks camaraderie and collective creativity.  Fancy fiber arts? Weave your vision into reality by crafting a simple art quilt or sewing a cuddly stuffed companion. At the Painting and Printing station, splash and dab your way through new techniques. Shape your dreams from clay or become a paper-making maestro. And at our Paper Craft station, fold and cut to transform paper into astonishing artworks. The Creation Station is a treasure trove where recycled materials become the building blocks of extraordinary creations. Here, every child is an artist, and their imagination is the canvas. So, join us, where creativity is cultivated, and masterpieces await!

Kitchen Chemistry

Step into the SMS Kitchen Chemistry lab, where science is delicious, and every experiment is a chance to explore the tantalizing chemistry of food! Our young chemists will don their aprons and goggles, transforming everyday ingredients into extraordinary culinary wonders. From the tiniest atoms to the most complex molecules, our little SMS scientists will uncover the secrets that make up the foods we love. They’ll witness firsthand how liquids and gases interact, how polymers are essential to food texture, and how solutions play a role in flavor creation. As we stir and mix, we’ll discover the reactions that occur in cooking and baking, making science accessible and relatable. Our kitchen lab is the perfect place for inquisitive minds to experiment with edible ingredients and learn the fundamental principles of chemistry. So, join us for a session of fizz, pop, and yum – where our experiments lead to explosive taste sensations and the joy of discovery is the sweetest treat of all!

Ninja & Superheroes LEGO
Embark on a stealthy adventure with Snapology’s Ninjas & Superheroes LEGO program, a blend of ancient tradition and creative storytelling! Our young warriors will delve into the fascinating world of ninjas, learning about their rich history and culture. Through engaging building activities, games, and projects, students will discover the art of shinobi and translate their names into Japanese, embracing the spirit and discipline of these legendary figures. But the journey doesn’t stop in the past. With LEGO® bricks in hand, children will craft their very own superhero, giving life to a character equipped with unique powers and a compelling backstory. They’ll then leap into action, constructing adventures and comic strips that narrate their hero’s exploits.  As students toggle between being nimble ninjas and innovative superheroes, they’ll learn the importance of strength, concentration, and agility—not just in combat, but in creative problem-solving. Our program is where fantasy meets physicality, fostering a playground where imagination and agility lead to epic storytelling and fun.

Target Time Sports

Aim high and let the good times roll with our Target Time Sports program! This unique blend of bowling, golf, and disc golf is designed to hit the sweet spot of fun and skill-building. We’ve specially combined these sports to focus on the foundational skills that are crucial for developing hand-eye coordination and enhancing gross motor abilities. Each game in our program, from the strategic rolls of bowling to the precision swings of golf to the soaring throws of disc golf, is an opportunity for children to set their sights on targets both near and far. As they play, they’ll learn the importance of focus, timing, and body mechanics. Target Time Sports isn’t just about scoring points—it’s about building confidence and enjoying the satisfaction that comes with mastering a new skill. Whether they’re aiming for a strike, a hole-in-one, or a bullseye, our young athletes will discover the joy of sports where every shot is an opportunity for growth and every game is a chance to shine!

Session 3: July 15 – July 26

Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9
Jurassic Journey SMS Café Snapology Engineering & Minecraft LEGO
Kidokinetics Run the Bases

Jurassic Journey
Journey to the age of the giants in our acclaimed Dinosaur camp, featured in Seattle’s Child magazine, where your child’s imagination will soar as high as a Brachiosaurus! Step into the shoes of a paleontologist at the SMS Dino Dig and unearth the secrets of dinosaurs that once ruled the earth. Our little adventurers will ‘walk’ alongside the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the armored Stegosaurus, and the swift Velociraptors, exploring the fascinating Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.  Our camp isn’t just about digging up the past; it’s a hands-on experience where art and science collide. Through a variety of arts and crafts, children will recreate the world of these prehistoric creatures, and they might even get to ‘eat’ their dino creations! So, for those brave enough to embark on this prehistoric adventure, join us in the lost world of Pangaea at our Dinosaur camp, where history comes to life and every discovery is a thrilling step back in time.

SMS Café
Whip up some fun at the SMS Café: Summer Chefs in Training! Our culinary class stirs up excitement by teaching kids to cook up simple, scrumptious dishes. With a diverse menu that changes like the summer breeze, our little chefs will learn a buffet of cooking techniques. In the SMS Café, it’s all about teamwork and taste. Children will collaborate to craft everything from sunny summer salads to the perfect picnic desserts. As they mix, measure, and make, not only will they learn about food and flavors, but they’ll also share the joy of creating meals together. Join the SMS Café for a deliciously educational experience where every child gets a taste of being a chef, and every dish is a recipe for fun!

Engineering & Minecraft LEGO

Gear up for a creative construction adventure with our ‘Engineering & Minecraft LEGO Builders’ workshop! This hands-on program equips budding engineers with the nuts and bolts of mechanical movement and the essentials of simple machines. Watch curiosity turn into capability as students construct, test, and play with LEGO® models that bring engineering concepts to life. Then, delve into the blocky realms of imagination as we introduce the Minecraft universe, recreated without screens, where each child can build their very own LEGO® Minecraft® world. From crafting landscapes dotted with animals and creepers to constructing their personalized LEGO® Minecraft® avatar, the fusion of engineering and creativity knows no bounds. Whether your child is a future architect or a detective-in-the-making, our workshop will ignite a passion for building and problem-solving. ‘Engineering & Minecraft LEGO Builders’ is where ingenuity meets the iconic, pixelated world of Minecraft®, inspiring young minds to think outside the blocks!

Ninja the Bases & Ninja Sports

Slide into excitement with ‘Run the Bases & Ninja Sports,’ a thrilling camp where home plate awaits, and agility is your ally! This dynamic program is designed to teach the exhilarating basics of base-running through a lively rotation of kickball, T-ball, and cricket. Kids will not only learn the fundamental skills of these classic games but also build cardiovascular endurance and the spirit of teamwork. But the action doesn’t stop there! In Ninja Play, children transform into swift-footed ninjas, mastering the art of stability, agility, balance, and powerful jumps. Each session is crafted for peak skill growth and maximum enjoyment, ensuring every game is a hit. Our weekly lineup includes a targeted warm-up, sport-specific skills, exhilarating drills, spirited free play, and a cool-down phase, topped off with an age-appropriate lesson in anatomy and physiology. ‘Run the Bases & Ninja Sports’ is where future athletes and ninjas alike come to play, learn, and thrive!

Session 4: July 29 – Aug 9

Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9
Master Builders Pets Galore Snapology Seasons & Sports LEGO
Kidokinetics Flag Fun Sports

Master Builders
Construct your dreams in ‘Master Builders: Architects of Tomorrow’! This class is a playground for the imagination where the sky’s the limit and the tallest skyscrapers are just a build away. Aspiring architects will get their hands on blocks, bricks, and Legos to design and construct marvels of their own making. From the ancient grandeur of pyramids to the Roman aqueducts, from medieval castles to the bustling skyline of New York City, every creation is a tribute to human ingenuity. Our young builders will embark on a global tour, ‘visiting’ architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, drawing inspiration from these timeless structures. They’ll discover how legendary architects like Michelangelo and Gaudi wove art into the very fabric of their designs. Blending history with creativity, students will also delve into various art mediums, from paint to charcoal, bringing together art and architecture in their own masterpieces. Join ‘Master Builders’ and lay the foundation for creativity, one block at a time!

Pets Galore

Get ready for a wild adventure with ‘Pets Galore: Animal Explorers’! This class is a heartwarming journey for all animal lovers. Whether your favorite friends are cuddly kittens, majestic horses, or the fascinating creatures of the wild, we have a discovery for you. Join us as Bianca the bunny hops in to teach us about the joys and responsibilities of pet care. We’ll learn why some animals, like the mighty tiger, are perfect for the zoo, while others can be cherished pets at home. Our days will be filled with animal-themed arts and crafts, melody-filled singalongs, captivating story times, playful games, and challenging puzzles. We’ll dive into sorting and classifying animals, uncover fun facts, and explore the wonders of various habitats. Who knows the sea? Who takes to the skies? We’ll answer these questions and more. And for a trotting treat, ponies will visit SMS for everyone to enjoy a ride! So, come along and join our fun-filled class, where every day is an animal adventure at ‘Pets Galore: Animal Explorers’!

Seasons & Sports LEGO

Join ‘Seasons & Sports LEGO Lab’ for a whirlwind adventure through the year! This program is a celebration of the Earth’s beautiful tapestry of seasons, seen through the eyes of our young builders. Children will construct LEGO masterpieces that answer delightful prompts like, “What’s your favorite outside activity during this season?” and “How does the weather look where you live?”  As each child shares their seasonal traditions and hobbies, the classroom becomes a melting pot of cultural and climatic discovery. It’s a place where friendships grow, and the diversity of our world is embraced through the stories of how peers spend their seasons.  But that’s not all — inspired by the thrilling Olympic games, our young engineers will face sports-themed challenges. They’ll design, create, and program LEGO contraptions that mimic the excitement of summer sports. It’s a chance to expand their engineering prowess, experiment with physics, and learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. ‘Seasons & Sports LEGO Lab’ — where engineering meets the spirit of the seasons and the thrill of sports in one exciting, educational experience!

Flag Fun Sports

Raise the banner for active play with ‘Flag Fun Sports’, where energy soars and flags wave in the spirit of friendly competition! In this vibrant program, kids will sprint, strategize, and collaborate through time-honored games like flag football and capture the flag, along with the fast-paced excitement of flag tag. The thrill continues as parachutes color the sky and laughter fill the air during steal the tails. It’s a place where every child, regardless of age, will find joy and challenge, all while developing crucial hand-eye coordination and learning the value of teamwork. Flag Fun is not just a game; it’s a celebration of movement, a series of heart-pumping activities that forge bonds and build memories. Join us and watch your child wave their flag high, making new friends and setting new standards of fun!

Session 5: Aug 12 – Aug 23

Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9 Ages: 4 – 9
Cosmic Voyagers (Space) Kidokinetics Noodle Fun & Nets Sports Snapology Junior Scientists LEGO

Cosmic Voyagers (Space)

Prepare for an interstellar adventure at ‘Cosmic Voyagers: SMS Space Camp’! This camp is your child’s ticket to a galactic journey through the wonders of our solar system and the mysteries of the universe beyond. As our young astronauts navigate through space, they will encounter planets, marvel at the twinkling stars and constellations, and witness the mesmerizing phases of the moon. With hands-on activities, they’ll grasp the basics of space physics, understand the intricacies of rocket science, and comprehend the celestial dance of Earth and the Moon’s orbit. Our campers will also delve into the vastness of our ever-expanding universe. And the countdown begins for the most thrilling mission of all – designing and launching their very own SMS rockets! It’s a spectacular chance to turn curiosity into knowledge and the sky into a playground. So, suit up, future astronauts, for an out-of-this-world space camp experience that’s truly astronomical!

Cosmic Voyagers (Space) will be offered in two tracks during Session-5, as it is our most popular program over the years.

Junior Scientists LEGO

Embark on a voyage of discovery with ‘Junior Scientists LEGO’, where little learners become big thinkers in the animal kingdom! This program is a hands-on exploration into the wild wonders of nature, designed for your inquisitive young zoologist. Does your child know which mammal reigns as the largest on Earth? Or the miraculous metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly? We’ll dive into these mysteries and more as we analyze the fascinating differences between vertebrates and invertebrates. Through creative play with LEGO and Kid K-NEX® pieces, children will construct and understand the life cycles of butterflies and frogs, build models of slithering reptiles, and investigate the intriguing world of insects and arachnids. ‘Junior Scientists LEGO’ is more than just building; it’s about constructing knowledge, piece by piece, as we foster a love for learning and a deeper appreciation for the creatures that share our planet. Join us for an educational adventure that’s as fun as it is informative!

Noodle Fun & Nets Sports

Get ready for a twist of fun with ‘Noodle Fun & Nets’, the ultimate mash-up of sports and noodle-centric hilarity! This program is an action-packed noodle playground where kids can dive into a delightful mix of volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, and pickleball, all with a unique noodle twist. Noodle Play turns ordinary sports into extraordinary experiences, emphasizing the development of motor skills, balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination. With a noodle in hand, everything from dribbling down the court to serving a badminton shuttlecock becomes a fresh new challenge. Our young athletes will not only focus on sharpening their coordination and boosting their cardiovascular fitness but also on learning the essential techniques for each sport. ‘Noodle Fun & Nets’ promises a one-of-a-kind sports adventure where laughter is the soundtrack, noodles are the equipment, and every game is an opportunity to learn and grow in the most entertaining way possible!


Program Rate Amount
AM or PM only $600 for each session
Full Day $1100 for each session
Full Day sessions 3 or more $1000 for each session