SMS is Accredited by the American Montessori Society and the National Council for Private School Accreditation

Sammamish Montessori School is accredited by both AMS and NCPSA.  SMS is one of only 9 Montessori schools in Washington state and one of fewer than 200 schools in the United States to have earned accreditation through AMS.

Becoming an accredited school is a very lengthy and rigorous process that involves intensive evaluation of the school as a whole.  The purpose of accreditation is to affirm that the school meets a standard of excellence that is recognized within the Montessori community and by educators worldwide.  During the accreditation process, every aspect of the school is examined and documented, including governance, curriculum, fiscal and personnel policies, facilities, health and safety practices, teacher preparation, and learner outcomes.

At the end of the self-study period, a thorough onsite evaluation visit is conducted by AMS representatives from other parts of the country.  In addition to determining whether the school meets AMS standards, the review team evaluates the school to see how well it is achieving its own mission and goals-whether the school is what it says it is and does what it says it does.

After identifying both strengths and areas for improvement, the school commits to a strategic plan that incorporates the recommendations of its peer review team. All AMS accredited schools must maintain compliance with school accreditation standards and be on a path of continuous improvement.

Thank you to our tremendous staff and supportive parents for helping us to achieve this honored status.

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