Class Descriptions/Curriculum

We offer a prep program, Montessori mixed-age preschool-kindergarten classes, extracurricular activities, and an enrichment program. We also provide extended care for children who need care beyond the school day. Please see the class descriptions listed within the sidebar for more information about specific classes.

Parent Reviews

This is a wonderful quarter for [our son] and for both of us as his parents. In less than 3 months he can now greet people in Spanish and French. He can sing a song in French and I don't understand it. He can count numbers, do plus, minus easily. He knows bones in Latin! He can tell a story from the book he read, and he can even follow instructions from the graph to put pieces of a toy together. He is willing to do things on his own and eagerly helps cooking preparations. He loves his school, he loves his teachers, and he loves his friends. Sometimes he makes me sad because he wants to stay in class forever and never go home. We thank you for all you have done to educate these children.

Zhongtai and King

Our son has really blossomed this year. He's so turned on to learning. It seems he just can't get enough. He's so proud of himself, loves to share what he knows, but keeps right on working even if he is totally alone. I'm sure a rest deal of this credit is due to you and your school. You believe in them -- that they can and then they really can.

Parent letter to Mrs. Starling

When my children bring their work home, their eyes just light up with enthusiasm about what they created and learned. I commend you for creating such a wonderful teaching environment that brings the joy of learning out of my children.

Michelle Banks

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