2022-2023 School Year Tuition and Fee Schedule

Non-Refundable registration fee

New Students$260.00
Returning students or siblings or alumni parents enrolling their own child$200.00


Tuition Per MonthPer School Year
Montessori Preschool5 half days$1,000$10,000.00
5 full days$1,950.00$19,500.00
4 afternoons (limited spaces; preschool only) $900.00$9,000.00
Montessori Kindergarten5 half days$1,000.00$10,000.00
5 full days$1,950.00$19,500.00
Montessori Pre or K/STEAM Combination Class5 full days$2,050.00$20,500.00
Prep Program5 mornings$1,100.00$11,000.00
4 mornings$1,000.00$10,000.00

Early Birds - 8 am - 8:45 am$16 per hour

After School Club - 3:30 pm - 6pm$16 per hour
Clubroom$16 per hour

School year tuition includes all school supplies, a school bag,  and school shirt. We do not solicit fundraising donations for our school or ask parents to pay additional facilities or supplies fees as this is covered by your tuition. Ask about our sibling, volunteer, and prepayment discounts. Volunteering is appreciated but is optional.

School year tuition is a program fee that covers all school days in the school year.  Tuition can be paid as a lump sum by September 10 (saving a 3% discount if paid by cash or check) or if parents prefer, can be divided into 10 installments for ease of payment.  The first payment is paid as a non-refundable security deposit to hold a child's space for the school year and also is 1/10 of the total tuition owed for the school year (applied to the end of the school year). The remaining 9 payments are due on the first of the month from September through May. (Or parents who choose to pay in full by September 10 receive a 3% discount.)

Each payment is 1/10 of the total school year tuition regardless of the number of days of school that fall in any given month.

Please note that some months have quite a few more school days and some fewer, however, tuition payments are always the same amount; the amount paid each month does not vary according to the number of days in that particular month so that it is always clear and easy to know what you owe and what we will be collecting.

We also do not have early dismissal Wednesdays as do most area school districts so that we are able to meet our state-required school year hours several days ahead of the districts.

Any time your child is at school beyond your child's regular school schedule will be billed at $16 per hour, rounded up in quarter-hour increments (Examples of time outside of regularly scheduled school: Early Birds, late pickup from morning class, late pickup at the end of the school day/After School Club, Clubroom on non-school days).  This additional time used is billed at the end of each month and is in addition to your child's tuition.

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