Before and After School Care

Our Clubroom program is available to SMS students (ages 3 and up and potty-trained) before morning class (Early Birds 8 AM to 8:45 AM) and after afternoon pickup time has ended (After School Club 3:30-6 PM) Monday through Friday.

This flexible option allows you to drop off and pick up at a time that is most convenient to you. Parents pay for the precise amount of Clubroom time used each month based on 15-minute increments billed at the end of the month. (Students may not be at school more than 10 hours total.)

Our Clubroom program also is available during school breaks, on conference days and in-service days, and on minor holidays when the school districts and banks may be closed but many employers remain open.

Children are free to choose from a wide range of individual and small group work in Early Birds and After School Club. In ASC, children may participate in cooking, storytelling, acting and dress-up, yoga, balancing and light gym activities, parachute play, group circle games, arts and crafts, board games, checkers, singing, relay races and other challenges, music and movement, hula hoops, Lego building, finger knitting, waterworks, working with clay and other artistic media, make their own creations using found and recyclable materials and a host of other creative and engaging indoor and outdoor games, activities and free play. We structure our After School Club program with a different mix of activities each night of the week which is modified on a monthly basis to keep it fresh for students, however, we do keep some of the tried and true activities in the mix as students often look forward to specific activities they can expect.

School snack is provided during the After School Club program and on any non-school days.  Students who arrive during the Early Birds program may choose to eat a snack.

During the fall and spring, when it stays light out longer and the weather is good, the children spend time playing outside to get fresh air and exercise during After School Club.

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