Parent Reviews

Your school has exceeded my expectations. Each of my children are very different in terms of the way they learn and process information. That you are able to tailor your approach for every child truly guaranteed their success. The progress meetings helped us to extend the children's learning experience beyond the classroom. I loved that aspect of the experience as well. I am a busy mom and I was grateful to be in their classroom periodically to see their work and share in their progress.

Ruth Freeman

We were looking for a school where our smart but painfully shy 3 year old would feel comfortable and thrive. SMS has gone above and beyond our expectations! The now 4 year old does not ever want to leave!

Harshada Pradhan

I was looking for great, open-minded, experienced and qualified teachers, a well-stocked and expansive classroom and plenty of outside time in the schedule. SMS has totally met my expecations...I would not change the 3 years experience I had with my daughter and 2, so far, with my son. We are coming back to SMS for the sixth year in a row!

Sunita Gade

True Montessori principles and teaching styles, not "trend-driven" Montessori.

Lauren Anderson

The most important things we were looking for were finding a place where our child could be appreciated for all of his good qualities and grow and learn in a loving environment. SMS absolutely meets these expectations. We are grateful every day we made the move to SMS.

Joanne Harris

We were looking for curriculum with an academic focus, however with teachers and staff that were very nurturing and caring. SMS more than met our expecations. Our child thrived at this school academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers had a major part in this positive experience.

Parinda Gandhi

We wanted a supportive, nurturing, and challenging environment that rewards independence, kindness to others, and hard work. Education with compassion and creativity. SMS did all of this.

Chanda Smith

We were looking for a school philosophy/mission that valued the whole child and took an age-appropriate view of how young children learn and come to love learning. We were looking for dedicated, experienced, teachers who would put teaching children before teaching any kind of content, plenty of time for play, and a belief that play and learning are the same for young children. My child always looked forward to school and loved the idea that her interests and curiosity were respected and allowed to drive her daily choices. The socialization challenges of a room full of young children were dealt with appropriately and with human care by her teachers.

Mike Davidson

When looking for a school I wanted to make sure [my son's] specific learning needs were met. I didn't want him lost in the shuffle! He had the best year and has grown and learned so much this year! His teachers help him get excited about learning. All of his teachers have been fantastic! Above and beyond awesome. [My son] is always thinking of them and talking about things that happened in his classroom at SMS.

Carlene Carl

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