Parent Involvement Opportunities

Being a reading volunteer is a wonderful way to get to know your child's classmates and be involved. Thank you volunteers!

Being a reading volunteer is a wonderful way to get to know your child's classmates and be involved. Thank you volunteers!

Volunteering at our school is very much appreciated, helpful and encouraged, but it is optional.   We appreciate parents who are able to carve out a little time on a routine basis as well as those who volunteer here and there.  We are very fortunate to have a vibrant, involved parent community.  Thank you so much volunteers!

(As part of our Covid-19 Operating Plan, we are limiting some of the options for volunteering so that we maintain classroom cohorts and ensure all adults interacting with students are vaccinated.  Thank you for your understanding.)

Field Trips: Each classroom may conduct field trips related to the topics they are covering in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to join the class during field trip to help supervise children and share in the experience with their own child(ren). (Field Trips temporarily on hold.)

Lunch Volunteers: Parents (and even grandparents) may volunteer to help during the lunch period. Parents who volunteer to help with lunch receive a tuition discount that may be applied to the following month’s tuition fees or used for daycare or summer school charges.  Fees are not charged for enrolled children of lunch helpers on days when their parents volunteer. Siblings who are not enrolled in this school should not be brought to lunch.  Please inquire with the office if you are interested in helping during the lunch period.  (This is an option for parents who can be consistent and are able to provide proof of immunizations.)

Reading Volunteer:  Parents (and even grandparents) may volunteer to read individually with children within the classroom. Ask your child’s teacher about being a Reading Volunteer. (Reading Volunteers are temporarily on hold.)

Special Events and Holidays: Parents are encouraged to share their cultures on relevant holidays and may also volunteer to visit the classroom to share any special expertise they may have. (Classroom celebrations including parents are temporarily on hold.)

Fundraising for Charity: The school community sometimes participates in food drives or gift drives for Hopelink or other charities, or in response to a global crisis, but we do not conduct fundraising for our school or solicit any monetary donations to benefit our own school.


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